Construction Management/Inspection (CM/CI):

RIG Consulting will provide you with a RELIABLE INSPECTION GROUP. We promote a “teamwork” approach and an “ownership” attitude toward projects. Our teams of inspectors are proficient at identifying, communicating, mitigating and documenting with efficiency. Our end product is the accurate and reliable accounting of your project for both work history and financial purposes. In addition, we can offer assistance with report preparation, schedule updates, cost reporting, submittal tracking, budget impacts, meeting minutes and field surveying. Our team members are qualified and certified.


Land Surveying and Right of Way Plan Services:

RIG provides Professional Land Surveying services; including Scope definition to meet Client’s specific project needs, Court House Research, deed plotting, preparation of a property mosaic of subject and abutters on aerial photo background, topographic field surveying to create background mapping, establishment of roadway alignments, property lines or utility easements, and preparation of a signed and sealed Survey drawing.