CM/CI Field Testing:

RIG Consulting will provide you with a RELIABLE INSPECTION GROUP. We promote a “teamwork” approach and an “ownership” attitude toward projects. Our teams of inspectors are proficient at identifying, communicating, mitigating and documenting with efficiency. Our end product is the accurate and reliable accounting of your project for both work history and financial purposes. In addition, we can offer assistance with report preparation, schedule updates, cost reporting, submittal tracking, budget impacts, meeting minutes and field surveying. Our team members are qualified and certified.

Design Support Services:

The CADD industry is growing, creating a growing need for standalone CADD consulting firms who educate their personnel in the ever changing software. We will be able to fill the void for companies that need additional help with drawing preparation, but do not have the continuous workload to justify hiring additional staff. We keep our staff informed and educated on new technology as the industry changes.

We provide our clients with top quality accurate and professional CADD services. Our experience extends beyond the basic CADD capabilities: we understand the meaning of every line we create. We have the experience, knowledge and skills required to coordinate a complete set of drawings using CADD.

We specialize in the preparation of cross sections, highway construction plans, right-of-way plans, traffic control plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans, and bridge construction plans utilizing the engineers design data and the clients design standards. Our services include horizontal and vertical alignments, detailing culverts, bridge decks, abutments, wing walls, and piers (Including the detailing of the reinforcement); and the coordination of clients information and integration into the design package.

Our most important company strengths and core competencies are our expertise and experience in the industry. Our work is well respected by firms that have firsthand knowledge of our capabilities. Our major competitive strength is our ability to provide a complete set of high quality and accurate drawings with minimal input from our clients, while helping our clients to meet their DBE requirements on projects.

Construction Support Services:

RIG Consulting has developed services to contractors in recognition of the need for refined plans and the growing Design-Build arena where accuracy in the office, amounts to huge cost savings in the field. Make your DBE/WBE count by selecting RIG Consulting.

Have you ever received a set of plans that contain single points of reference, or tables that cause your foremen to flip from page to page trying to lay out their work? We will provide the breakdown drawings. Simply put, these drawings offer multiple points of reference and comprehensively take a table and make it into a drawing

Do you have constructability issues? Let us take a look. We can identify the root of the issue and provide you with a comprehensive report for your use in discussion with the owner or designer.

Hire us at the bid stage. We can provide accurate calculations for quantities accurately to increase your bid profitability.

Design-Build / QC Inspection:

Do you have a Design-Build project in mind? RIG Consulting is also an experienced quality control inspection firm in Design-Build projects. With a comprehensive Quality Control Manual and professional engineers available to lead our projects, RIG can successfully assist you in the liaison with the owner while being proactive in monitoring the project to mitigate claims and cost to both the contractor and the owner.